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Last Updated: October 5, 2015

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List# 1228187405
Basement in a very large Building in Los Angeles
Shrine Auditorium

Here is a great basement look. It is extremely large and has many different looks under this great location. There is a very large ramp that leads to its area. Great for large trucks to enter.


List# 1335405826
Basement in Los Angeles Built in 1913
Down Town LA Basement-02

This basement is large and has many interesting views. Has a pit 20' deep and more. This is at a Stage in Los Angeles and has many sets to film. This, just being another one for your production. There is a freight elevator to the basement. easy access.


List# 1229661753
High Rise Building in South Bay LA Permits
Basement 9800

Here is a basement you can get lost in. There are long hallways that are wide and has elevators for access and a frieght elevator that goes to street level. There are many rooms and equiptment vaults as well, Even a Break room and more.





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