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Last Updated: February 25, 2011

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List# 1223769474
Penthouse in Beverly Hills
Penthouse 448

Looking for a Penthouse location in Berverly Hills, here it is. With great views of the surounding area. It has a roof patio with a BBQ center. There is also a lap pool on the ground floor here.


List# 1298672170
Penthouse on 37th floor in Los Angeles
Penthouse 37

This Penthouse has wonderful Views looking South and North. There are two units here for filming. The photos here will show mostly the large unit. We will indicate the other unit as "Unit 2" In addition at this location is a helipad, large pool deck, Great looking lobby of the building, a Gym, a screening room as well. Also here is the parking garage two types one for the property owners and one for the guest. The owners parking garage has the much sought after spiraling ramps one for going up and one for going down. The common areas of the building are under separate contracts for filming. There is an additional separate parking lot adjacent to the building for use as a base camp for your productions.





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