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Last Updated: September 7, 2012

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List# 1014700645
Warehouse in Chatsworth
Boat Warehouse
4400 SqFt

This Boat repairs and fabrication warehouse will take your production. The Ceilings are 22 foot with plenting of parking for your crew.


List# 1093630537
Studio in Chatsworth
For Film Production
5122 SqFt

5,122 Square Ft. Total area for SHORT TERM production rentals. Per Quote, AND LONG TERM RENTAL $1.25 per square foot. Located in Chatsworth on Lassen Street, the production space includes down-stairs 1,976, up-stairs 3,146 office spaces. Electrical and water charges on per term quote basis. In addition, at this location, a large warehouse which can be used for Set & Stage production. Plenty of parking and two separate entrances available for upper and lower spaces, conference room, bathrooms.

List# 1130976419
Wood Working Shop in Gardena

This commercial woodshop has very high cielings and is film friendly for productions use. There is a showroom of what is built at this location and in the back is the shop and a very large rollup door.


List# 1346434981
Ofice Cubicles/Warehouse in Los Angeles
DT LA Cubicles
4,000 SqFt

Here is a great location in down town LA, has open ceiling exposed beams and more. This location has 3 warehouses, 2 offices, and open cubicles. Warehouse 1 has the cubicle area and offices enclosed with glass topped partitions, Modern reception area and entry. Warehouse 2 6,000sqft has reception area and office areas plus warehouse area. Warehouse 3 6,000sqft is all open area; all will be moved to provide this warehouse for you. All 3 warehouses are next-door and just across the street with parking lot.


List# 1347037227
Brick Warehouse complex in Los Angeles Down Town
LAN Downtown Warehouses

This warehouse complex has several buildings on the lot, plenty of parking. Also at this location are 2 large walk-in Freezers. Freezer 1, is 31'X 25'-Door 5' wide X 8' tall. Freezer 2, 13'X 24' & 7' tall. There are several buildings on this lot of different looks. Great as an insert stage, Green Screen up and roll up doors in all the buildings some with multiple roll-ups.


List# 985669367
Warehouse in Los Angeles Downtown Built in 1920`s
Warehouse #2
144,000 SqFt

This Warehouse in Downtown LA has many different elements to provide a wide variety of Scenes. It has a large Office Space, a Basement that was a meat packing company, a Roof with many views and structures on it. The warehouse space has many different sizes and looks. There are 2 freight elevators (Working) and a parking lot for 250 cars. The many pictures of this location will be added shortly and they will be added in their respective categories as well.


List# 990122966
Old Warehouse in Los Angeles Downtown Built in 1920`s
Warehouse #1
60,000+ SqFt

This warehouse has grown many times through the years adding additional buildings. These pictures display the oldest part of this property that has that old OLD rundown look. There is a loading dock at this building and plenty of parking for the crew.


List# 1097139802
Ultra modern Product Supplies Warehouse in Los Angeles Downtown

Here is a very unuseual location. The sales area is Ultra Modern Steel and glass looks. There is the areas around the warehouse for storage of the products they supply. And some of the equiptment used for this business.


List# 1025377942
Very large Warehouse in South Bay
Warehouse 767

This very large warehouse has been used by production recently and is ready NOW for your production. More Pictures will be added.


List# 1171818305
Pipes-Tunnels-Gauges-Old Structures in South Bay Built in 1920s
South Bay Old Plant
Very Big SqFt

Here it alot of scouts call us for Tunnels, large banks of guages, steel structures. Well here it is and its ready for your production. There is plenty of parking for the largest crews. The Tunnels are long and winding. The steel structures are very large and extensive. The rooms with gauges are large and expansive also.


List# 1179531986
Power Plant in South Bay
South Bay Power Plant

This Power Plant has some of the greatiest looks around. There are so many different looks like a Gym, Great Tunnels!, Workshop, Pipe Runs, Great Looking LARGE Break Room. Exteriors with HELEPORT and out buildings ready for your scenes and running chase shots. Plenty of Parking for the LARGEST CREW. We have update some photos here in 2010


List# 1191553241
Warehouse, Rug Importer in South Bay LA Permits
Danny`s Rug Warehouse

Here is a very unique location. Its a Importer of Rugs, and it has a very nice upscale office on a mezzinine with open beam ceiling and the A/C ducts as ceiling decor, and also a first class Board Room with very high ceilings. Both have windows that open on to the warehouse floor where you see all of the Rugs. Its also a showroom. There are several load in areas. Also a general office area. Shooting here is by schedueling in the areas needed. Like the upstairs open office area and the boardroom can be worked during the day. Other areas may be after hours or weekends depending on where you want to shoot. Because this location is in the County strip It will be an LA permit.


List# 1062875668
Bomb Proof Bunker in Topanga Built in 1940`s
The Bunker
1900 SqFt

This site holds a concrete bunker built by AT&T during World War II. Unique, above-ground bunker built to withstand nuclear strike in L.A.. Thick concrete with futuristic concrete & steel microwave tower. Views of L.A., the Pacific Topanga Canyon and surrounding areas. Great access with a paved road and gradual incline.





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