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These are lobby's of all the locations we have with great looking lobby's for producitons. This is a cross reference for help with your searches.

Last Updated: October 8, 2015

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List# 1351352419
Commercial Office Building in Beverly Hills
Very Tall Domed Lobby

This Great Location in the heart of Beverly Hills is the look when you need the upscale, high tech lobby looks. Plus at this time there are 2 office suites available for film shoots. Also this location has a private park at the rear of the building. Also here is a underground parking structure with parking attendant station.


List# 1209317006
3 Story Office/Medical Building in Downey
3 Story Modern Office Building

This Building has a very modern looking interior Lobby the a great looking staircase going to a mezzinine on the second floor. The offices of the building are occupied however we can shoot in the lobby areas and mezzinine. Parking cerw and base camp will be a combo of some trucks will be able to park near the entries. One block away is a large parking lot that will handle all the crew parking and base camp for all other trucks and equipment. Next Door to this building is the Main Hospital, we can shoot in some areas of the Hospital on a limited basis, most likely weekends. Our main booking areas of this location is the lobby area of the building shown here in.


List# 1232396737
Hollywood Night Club in Hollywood
The Avalon & Honey Bar

Here is a night club and bar and much, much more. There is a stage and screen, bars and patios and more. Great for your production needs for this look.


List# 1209318421
Large Office Building in In the Zone Built in 1992
Office Complex-East 102
49,000 SqFt

3-story building with open-air, glass-paned offices, cubicle spaces, board rooms. Doctors offices on the second floor. Beautiful auditorium with platform projection, 160+ seating. Many possible looks! On other floors of this location are tenants spaces that are availible for shoots also. These will be separate production contracts for those tenants used.


List# 1265475619
Theatre Complex in In the Zone
Lobby BP-1

Lobby leads to a beautiful theatre and entertainment center. Yes we are the exclusive Booking agent for this location. And yes this is the town where I graduated High School. Yes this has a special meaning for me. This is gerat for your car commerical. the double doors can be popped out to get the cars in and out. We have a vender that handles that for us. There will be more photos coming under entertainment venues in the near future.


List# 1209317050
Multi Story Office Building in Los Angeles
The 801 S. Fig Building

Here is a Downtown location in the heart of LA, it has a great looking Lobby and also has two revolving doors to the lobby from the street. There are 2 suites we can shoot in at this time. The 11th floor is vacant and shoot at anytime. The 10th floor is only availible after normal hours but can make exceptions depending on the needs of the suite and production.


List# 1209318523
Ground Floor shops in Los Angeles
801 Office Ground Floor

Office 801 has some wonderful opportunities with two closed shops, Florest Shop (available Nights/Weekends), Small Grocery Store, Small Coffee Bar/Bakery, Computer/Repair Store and an ALLEY that has GREAT CONTENT. (MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW)


List# 1209318569
Multi Story Building in Los Angeles
Brunswick Square

Here is a building in downtown Los Angeles with a great looking Art Decco Lobby area. There are offices here and also Doctors offices also. Great shots from the roof with easy access.


List# 1236098286
Large Stage-Theatre-Convention Hall-Grand Lobby in Los Angeles
Shrine Auditorium

Here is the large looks for a theatre, stage, convention hall and great looking old time theatre lobby looks on several floors. Plenty of parking, also an attice to die for!


List# 1294876452
15 Story High Rise Building in Los Angeles
High Rise Building 8

Here is a high rise building in Down Town Los Angeles, This lobby is not real large but dos provide you elevators just inside. There are several vacancies at this location and are listed on our website as "High Rise Building 8" for the Parking Garage & offices.


List# 1305653416
High Rise Building In Los Angeles in Los Angeles Downtown
Lobby LA Downtown

Here is a great looking lobby in Downtown Los Angeles. There is so much at this location we have broken the areas into several listings. There is a penthouse here. A gym, theatre, Spiraling parking structure drive, Roof views, a Helipad, Roof top Pool, vacant street level large, high ceilings suites with balcony. And great city views.


List# 1294864271
9 Story Building on Wilshire BL. in Mid Wishire Building Lobby
Mid Wilshire Lobby

Here is a lobby of a 9 Story Building in the Mid Wilshire District that is available for filming.


List# 1209318309
Ground Floor Office Space in Pasadena Built in 1980
Ameron 110
6,308 SqFt

This office space is right off the lobby of this building on the ground floor. There are offices with tall windows looking on to street looking North. There are some large cubicles here and a Vault. There is a bullpen area at the outside corner of this space and has windows looking onto the streets also.


List# 1241689801
3 Story Commercial Bldg in the South Bay in South Bay
190th St Complex Bldg 6N

Here is a 3 story bldg. with a very up-scale lobby and on each floor are glass confrence rooms, large open office bull pen areas. There is an outside courtyard on the 2nd floor with Southern views of the South Bay. Parking is no problem here at all. There is a total of 42 acres around this and the other bldgs. of the complex. Some of the looks on these pictures are from 2006. Since then all of the cubicles have been removed and the floor areas have been cleaned and ready for your production. Additionally There are water effects in the front area of this bldg and also walking bridges from this building to other buildings on the property. We will be adding updated pictures for this location.


List# 1235251687
Modern Contemporary in South Bay
South Bay Church

This Church features a great looking stained glass sanctuary with very High ceiling. Capacity in the church is 575, in the hall 249. There are class rooms here as well as offices and very nice reception area from the entry. Right off the reception area is a book and gift shop also. There is a kitchen not real large but very functional for a film crew that need a kitchen look with easy access from the parking lot. The grounds around the church are also very nice and lack the sight of palm trees around the area. Also there is plenty of parking for the largest crews. When shooting in the South Bay area this can also be your base camp area. This a central location for the South Bay, Palos Verdes, Redondo, Torrance areas.


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