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Last Updated: January 18, 2016

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List# 1297308577
Warehouse Stage & Sets in Los Angeles
A Los Angeles Set Stage

Here is a Stage with many different sets, Hospital, Police, Locker Room and much more. See them all right here at this link


List# 1200765990
Hospital in Los Angeles
Stocker Hospital

This Hospital is a one-story building with parking on site plus additional parking arrangements across the street. Between the both lots, you can park 1,000 feet of trucks. The hospital has an ICU ward, two operating rooms, several patient rooms and a waiting room. A portion of this hospital is operating but in a separate wing. There is a nurse’s station at the main hall and another nurse's station in the ICU ward. There have been many shoots at this location. Please do not disturb the hospital staff. For a walk-through please call our office and arrangements will be made for your convenience.


List# 1232141107
Multi Story Building in South Bay
Closed South Bay Hospital

Hospital has several operating rooms, ICU, ER, Morgue, Cafeteria, Chapel, Large Conference Room, Executive offices, Several Floors of Patient Rooms, Long Hallways, Basement Looks, Very Large Parking lot and much much more. Ready for your production NOW!


List# 1275619475
Medical Center in Venice
Med Center West Side

Here is the perfect medical looking location. This was and can be operational with an inspection update. It has everything 3 operating rooms, ER/Post Op, Pre Op, very nice reception area and waithing area, Long Med hallway. There are scrub areas, a doctors office, and more. This is a large parking lot in the back for production crews and has been used as base camp and also crew parking when needed





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