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Last Updated: March 8, 2016

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List# 1193341258
Large Office Building in In the Zone Built in 1992
Office Complex-East 102
49,000 SqFt

3-story building with open-air, glass-paned offices, massive cubicle spaces, board rooms. Doctors offices on the second floor. Cafeteria with massive kitchen, salad bar. Beautiful auditorium with platform projection, 160+ seating. Many possible looks!


List# 1193331459
High Rise Building Down Town Los Angeles in Los Angeles

This Office Suite on the 11th fl, in Los Angeles has glass offices on all four corners of the building and each corner has three offices with views looking from each corner looking North, South, East, & West. Some views to the exteriors look like another city hot LA, more like eastern city.


List# 1223768590
Multi Story Building in Santa Monica
West Side Office Suite-305

Here is an office suite on an upper floor of this commercial building in Santa Monica with great ocean views. Very nice entry and an outside balcony.


List# 1223768616
Multi Story Building in Santa Monica
Call Center Office Suite-300

Here is an office suite that was a call center. At this time the furniture is all inplace. We don't know how long this will exist with the furniture, so if this is the look you want NOW is the time to book it. Date shot is 10-10-08 for your reference. This has a very nice outside balcony that has great views of the Santa Monica Bay!


List# 1220112293
Rotunda Office Space in South Bay
8,000 In The Round
8,000 SqFt

Just vacated 8-2008, here is a great looking upscale office space with several smaller offices and tall glass windows to the exterior. A lobby looks that can be a "BANK" or many other types of reception types. It has a very large open office area with tall glass windows that look onto the water effects of the property. Plenty of parking for the largest crews and great exterior looks as well. With the tall ceilings here, it makes lighting a breeze.


List# 1193340888
3 Story Business Complex, LA Permits in South Bay LA Permits
Hamilton 1

HOT! HOT! We are moving CUBICLES into this location as of FEB. 21, 2006. The are ready for your production NOW! This property is in the South Bay area but is a L.A.City Permit. UPDATE! As of 11-29-04 all Cubicles and office furniture have been removed at this location. We are in contact with several office furniture companies that will rent the quanity and style of office furniture for your needs. We are working to provide furniture at this location and will update pictures when we have the suites set up. HELLO! This is a great complex for your next commercial production. First easy access from 2 major Freeways! Check out the floor plans, there are hexigon rooms on all three floors all set up different. There ARE GLASS OFFICES AND GLASS CONFRENCE ROOMS HERE. There is a very large courtyard with a fountain in the middle. Lots of parking for the largest base camp crew!





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