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Last Updated: December 22, 2010

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List# 1216151479
Two Car Dealerships Side by Side in Bellflower
Two Car Dealerships Together

Here are two car dealership side by side divided by a street. Both have service bays, both have very nice showrooms and sales offies, parts departments and very large lots both. Very close to a major freeway for easy access. For Film Permit Documents go to


List# 1293044358
Closed Car Dealership in In the Zone
Closed Car Dealership 101

HERE IT IS GLASS AND STEEL! This location was a Auto dealership and is now vacont and ready for your production. It can be an airport terminal, a high end retail store, Hi tec office looks with the upper mezzinine offices that look down to the showroom level. Great looking staircase in this 40 foot ceiling showroom area. Plenty of parking for your crew with acres of basecamp parking very nearby. This can be a basecamp also when shooting in the area.


List# 1233347469
Auto Dealership in South Bay
South Bay Auto Dealership

This very large dealership in the South Bay has the showroom is very open with an upstairs balcony, used car offices, roof parking, the service bays, offices and more.


List# 1193275434
Single Story in South Bay
Auto Dealershop South Bay 139

Here is a dealership that has a very nice showroom. Also a used car stand alon building. There is a tenant here and very nice to work with. The lot is very large also. This site on a main street in the South Bay and ready for your production.


List# 1193276585
Auto Dealership in South Bay
Auto Dealershop South Bay 510

This auto dealership is a location that can double as an airport terminal with passenger waiting areas, ticket counter,shops and a quick cafe. Lots of room for the largest crew. This is realy an auto dealership but has the look of a passenger terminal. Things can be moved, arranged, and changed for your production to create the airport looks. Most likely you will want to use a green or blue screen for your airport looks outside the windows.


List# 1233347557
Auto Repair Shop in South Bay
Auto Repair Shop 002

This very large auto service center has very high ceilings and many lifts. The service entry is very modern looking


List# 1233347584
Old Auto Dealership in South Bay Built in 1937
BEA Auto Dearlershop

This Auto Dealership of the 30s can take you back for that great look for your old Cadilac or other fine car you want to have displayed for your film. This is an active auto repair shop and shooting days are best worked out prior. There are lifts a machine shop repair bays and car lot. There is an alley at the rear and a rear entry. Very Easy for the Crews. MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW 11-14-01


List# 1233347630
Auto Dearlership in South Bay
South Bay Auto Dealership FMC

Here is one of the largest dealerships in the South Bay. The show room is very very large with very high ceilings and very modern archetecture. We can shoot in most areas. There is the showroom, customer waiting areas, sales offices, general offices and excutive offices. There is huge service bay area. This location is willing to move what needs to be moved to help you create what you need in an area you need it. There is even a customer cafe here with tables and eating area. There is a very nice accessaries store that can be used. These clients are film friendly and want to have filming done at this location.





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