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Last Updated: July 5, 2011

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List# 1197736289
Super Market in Gardena
Market 1

This Market is a generic type market that has upstairs offices with a one-way glass observation window. There is plenty of parking here for base camping and additional crew parking nearby. Of course, its best if shot after hours. It is possible to shoot some areas during operations; we must schedule those kinds of shots. This store is just finishing a remodel, these pictures were taken 10-26-04. Updates will take place after the shelves are stocked. Now is the time to shoot before they go back into operation.


List# 1197736317
Pharmacy in Gardena
Pharmacy 1

This Pharmacy is in a shopping complex Special arrangements must be made to shoot here, for obvious reasons. There is plenty of parking for production base camp and additional crew parking very close.


List# 1197736357
Department Store Art Deco Style in Hollywood Built in 1924
Department Store -001
8,500 SqFt

This 3-Story, 8500 sq-ft. (main floor) store and basement built in the 20's. The Main Floor has a wonderful art deco glass paneled spiraling staircase that goes to a large mezzanine and 3rd floor open space also art deco. This site can be a disco club, any store you require. There is an elevator that goes to the upper floors. All clothes racks are on wheels making this location film friendly.


List# 1197736381
Two Story Building with offices upstairs in Hollywood
Certified Printers

OFFICE BUILDING In Hollywood (Very High Tech. Design) On major Street. Very modern two stories. Interior staircase to upper level, ceilings open to 40 foot interior area at front entrance. Room for production trucks on premises, including 40 footers. MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW 11-14-01


List# 1303965507
Art Boutique in Hollywood
Loft SF152
1000 SqFt

Very cool and unique retail loft in Hollywood! Check it out here...


List# 1296003668
Closed Mens Shop in Los Angeles
BB Downtown
3081 SqFt

This was a Men's Shop but is now vacant. This is the ground floor space of a larger building on two major corners of Down Town LA. It is how you see it and ready for your shoots.


List# 1298500676
GALLERY in Los Angeles Built in 1990
1800 SqFt

Contemporary art gallery with polished concrete floors, exposed beams and various movable walls. Extremely clean, art can stay or be moved by production. First floor gallery space with bright, floor to ceiling windows in front area. Great Location!


List# 1301517534
Retail Store in Los Angeles Built in 1960
Tuxedo SF 136
2000 SqFt

Upscale Tuxed sales and rentals as well as mens wear. Plenty of parking behind the store.


List# 1305785158
Retail Boutique in Los Angeles
Mayfair SF 162
1800 SqFt

Mayfair House is a spectacular custom designed retail store. Premium luxury abounds in, fine china, crystal, jewelry, apparel, and accessories. The professional displays in this wonderful venue will compliment any camera lens or angle with light and color, and will suit multiple categories. This venue maintains an easily accessible loading zone.


List# 1148424052
Asian Shopping Center in Monterey Park Built in 2005
Fung "SF-027"
18,000 SqFt

This chinese ginseng shop is modeled on the upscale shops of Hong Kong. The spacious store is fully customized with much of the decor imported from Hong Kong. The staff is entirely chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese speakers). Of note is their apothecary, spacious and updated but true to a chinese herbal pharmacy. A very unique store, nothing like it in the U.S.!


List# 1309928803
Industrial Artist Loft in North Hollywood Built in 1960
SF 165
5800 SqFt

Unusual side by side, sound dressed loft spaces, ground floor, each with a 10x10 load door. Full AC, WIFI, Private gated parking.


List# 1295651281
Mens Clothing Store in South Bay
Mens Store 252

Here is a Men's Store in a Mall setting. We can film during the day as well as after hours here.


List# 1197736232
2 Story retail Store in South Bay
South Bay Retail 2

Here is a retail store with lots of parking on a main street in the South Bay area.


List# 1197736478
Small Town Corner Market in South Bay
Benny`s Market

This Old Small Town Corner Market is ready for a shoot, never filmed. There is a small sandwitch shop with little kitchen and all. Plenty of parking for any size crew.


List# 1205423121
Furniture Store South Bay in South Bay Built in 1921
Furniture Store 1002 MW

Now talk about film friendly location, this is it. We can consider this a blank canvas with ceilings that are 17' high! We can have anything moved out for your scenes, Make this a bank, offices, or what ever. The owner will work with us to provide the look you need. Base camp parking very near, plus more.


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