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These supermarkets are ready for your production. Here are several markets that are operating markets and one that is a closed market with checker stations and shelves and even market baskets at the

Last Updated: April 1, 2011

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List# 1138387072
Super Market in Gardena
Market 1

This Market is a generic type market that has upstairs offices with a one-way glass observation window. There is plenty of parking here for base camping and additional crew parking nearby. Of course, its best if shot after hours. It is possible to shoot some areas during operations; we must schedule those kinds of shots. This store is just finishing a remodel, these pictures were taken 10-26-04. Updates will take place after the shelves are stocked. Now is the time to shoot before they go back into operation.


List# 1148424093
Asian Shopping Center in Monterey Park Built in 2005
Fung "SF-027"
18,000 SqFt

This chinese ginseng shop is modeled on the upscale shops of Hong Kong. The spacious store is fully customized with much of the decor imported from Hong Kong. The staff is entirely chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese speakers). Of note is their apothecary, spacious and updated but true to a chinese herbal pharmacy. A very unique store, nothing like it in the U.S.!


List# 1138387132
Small Town Corner Market in South Bay
Benny`s Market

This Old Small Town Corner Market is ready for a shoot, never filmed. There is a small sandwitch shop with little kitchen and all. Plenty of parking for any size crew.


List# 1244740993
Single Story Retail Store in South Bay
Freshia Market

Here is a Super Market in the South Bay that is Film Friendly, we have shot several commercial shoots and features here at this location. Some of the photos of the parking lot where taken when this location was closed. The interior photos are how it looks at this time. We can shoot during store hours in areas and also late at night after hours.


List# 1256675008
50's Style Super Market in South Bay
Mom & Pop Store of the 50`s

Here is a supermarket from the 1950's in the South Bay. Ready for your production.


List# 1301686187
Closed K-Mart Super Store in South Bay LA City Permits
Closed K-Mart

This K-Mart is very closed. There are back rooms and parking in the rear and large parking lot in front. It's located at two major streets easy access and near freeway system.





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