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Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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List# 1004806597
Office Building in Beverly Hills

This office is on the 5th floorand has a long patio,with that outdoor lunch mixer look.


List# 1005596785
OFFICE SPACE or GALLERY in Beverly Hills
Gallery and Offices

Located on the South West side of Beverly Hills, this location can be used as a gallery or for its office spaces. There is a medium sized Board Room with high ceilings that are scalloped, great design. The entry has been designed for the handicapped with a ramp type entry. There are panelled offices here.


List# 1006996457
SHOPPING CENTER in Beverly Hills
Circular Building

(Very Unique Architecture) Two story building with underground parking. Has patio area in front. Some units are not occupied both upstairs and downstairs.

List# 984013003
Bank in Century City Built in 1970`s
Prime Bank

This bank Location is on the bottom floor of a high rise building in Century City. We can shoot after hours and some weekends at this location. There are many office cubicles at this location. A very modern looking vault. The windows are from floor to the 20 plus feet ceiling high. Crew parking is not a problem here and trucks can park underground.


List# 1004806328
Office Complex in Encino
Valley Office Complex -004

This large two story Office Complex on Ventura Boulevard has 20 office spaces. Very close to the 405 Frwy. A large parking lot, room for all the trucks, crew & more.


List# 983836548
Church in Gardena Built in 1950
Little Prairie Church
Small SqFt

This small neighborhood church on a nice quiet street with plenty of parking in the area and free crew parking very nearby. The fence around the church can be removed for shooting but must be put back. The tall palm tree to the right of the chapel can be removed. Inside this church has a balcony towards the rear of the room. There is a small activities room under the church and access from the side street.


List# 1035479882
Super Market in Gardena
Market 1

This Market is a generic type market that has upstairs offices with a one-way glass observation window. There is plenty of parking here for base camping and additional crew parking nearby. Of course, its best if shot after hours. It is possible to shoot some areas during operations; we must schedule those kinds of shots. This store is just finishing a remodel, these pictures were taken 10-26-04. Updates will take place after the shelves are stocked. Now is the time to shoot before they go back into operation.


List# 1035745533
Pharmacy in Gardena
Pharmacy 1

This Pharmacy is in a shopping complex Special arrangements must be made to shoot here, for obvious reasons. There is plenty of parking for production base camp and additional crew parking very close.


List# 982212856
Two Story Building On the Blvd. in Hollywood Built in 1920`s
Old Hollywood Professional Building
16,000 SqFt

This Hollywood Building has had an extensive face lift to the Exterior facade, the inside has the charm from the day it was completed. The main floor is divided into two separate units. With the natural red brick walls of the interior this location while still empty can provide a great look for an office space, pub, or use your imagination. There is an elevator to the upper floor and also a long staircase. The 2nd level is not divided down the middle but it is divided into 2 separate areas we will call the front and the back. In the front portion is a back wall made with red brick and has these great arches that lead into small rooms, also there is one arch that is open to the floor below and you see an exposed fire escape ladder. The rear portion of this upper floor is open space with windows along the East wall and more windows that over look an alley on the south end of the building. We have available a company that will bring in whatever business furniture you pick out from their stock. They bring it in, set it up. You shoot it, and they take it away. Yes it is a rental but, Have I Got Such A Deal For You... For a walk-through call our office.


List# 1003190556
with decor done by JIMMY HENDRIX

1440 McCadden Place. This studio has kept the look of the era. All of the electronics are the latest & greatest but the studio has kept the original look to the facility. Studio consists of a large control room that looks into a large sound room. Control room also looks into a small V.O. booth. Also two more small recording booths with small control rooms.


List# 1005597941
Department Store Art Deco Style in Hollywood Built in 1924
Department Store -001
8,500 SqFt

This 3-Story, 8500 sq-ft. (main floor) store and basement built in the 20's. The Main Floor has a wonderful art deco glass paneled spiraling staircase that goes to a large mezzanine and 3rd floor open space also art deco. This site can be a disco club, any store you require. There is an elevator that goes to the upper floors. All clothes racks are on wheels making this location film friendly.


List# 1005710065
Two Story Building with offices upstairs in Hollywood
Certified Printers

OFFICE BUILDING In Hollywood (Very High Tech. Design) On major Street. Very modern two stories. Interior staircase to upper level, ceilings open to 40 foot interior area at front entrance. Room for production trucks on premises, including 40 footers. MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW 11-14-01


List# 1006219486
Store Fronts in Hollywood
Two small Store Fronts

side by side 6379-6377 Hollywood Blvd.- These have great display windows with deep interiors and very high ceiling.


List# 1007409864
Motel in Hollywood
Sunset Inn

Sunset Boulevard at Los Palmas. This 2 story motel has 20 rooms, doubles & singles. Recently repainted and redecorated. With elevated views of Sunset Boulevard, this location provides great opportunities to film street scenes.


List# 1007410411
Office Building in Hollywood
Certified Printers

(Very High Tech. Design) On major Street. Very modern two stories. Interior staircase to upper level, ceilings open to 40 foot interior area at front entrance. Room for production trucks on premises, including 40 footers.


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