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Last Updated: August 29, 2011

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List# 1173743875
Ranch in Castaic Built in 1994
Honkerwood "SF-029"
3 Acre SqFt

This private 3 acre Ranch has beautiful scenic rural views. The main house is about 4,000 sqft and the warehouse about 1,000 sqft. The mainhouse has a martial art studio and a party room. The Ranch has lots of unique animals such as Emu and Peacocks. There is also a barn with 2 arenas and a 3 level playhouse with swings etc. There is an incredible custom boulder pool and a water fall pond. Plenty of easy parking.


List# 987664929
Cafe in Hollywood
A Hollywood Cafe

The Cafe is a daytime only operation. Closing time is 3:00 PM and production can take place after 3:00 PM. The walls of this cafe have a good look and the very tall ceilings will accomadate full lighting. There is a parking lot in the back. There are two private rooms for meetings. Outside dinning is permitted.


List# 1022038943
Night Club in Hollywood
Hollywood Night Club - 540

This night club has two floors, the upstairs has a stage and DJ Booth. On both sides of this level are second level seating areas. There is an elevator down to the "Down Stairs Bar and club". This has a very NEW YORK feel with its leather booths and decor. There is also a staircase between the floors. Easy crew parking. This is not an operating night club, we can shoot around your schedual in most cases.


List# 1025490776
Night Club in Hollywood
Hollywood Night Club 2222

This Night Club has a very long Bar and a rasied seating area across the room. There is a Lounge at the front of the Club and an additional Lounge at the back of the club, Very High Ceilings Thoughout.


List# 1232396685
Hollywood Night Club in Hollywood
The Avalon & Honey Bar

Here is a night club and bar and much, much more. There is a stage and screen, bars and patios and more. Great for your production needs for this look.


List# 1259946532
Chinese Restrauant & Bar in Hollywood Built in FOREVER
World Famous "Formosa Cafe"

Here it is the World Famous Formosa Cafe. From the front door to the roof top patio one of the greatest land marks in all of Hollywood. The watering hole and eatery of the stars. And used in many scenes on the silver screen. Now availible for your production.


List# 1265847104
400+ Seat Theatre in In the Zone
BP Theatre Arts Center

Here is a great looking Theatre. It has large low stage about 4 foot above seating floor. Has Large back stage area with make-up rooms Dressing rooms staging areas. Fully operationsl lighting board and a tech as the operator. Lots of parking for the largest production truck & crew parking. We feel this is also great looks for car commercials and the double door and frames can be R&R for getting the cars in at an additional cost of course by professionals, but this can be done.


List# 980879110
Two Story Restaurant in Long Beach Built in 1992
5,500 SqFt

This Italian Restaurant has a wonderful staircase that takes you to the upper dining/banquet room where you have views of the downstairs dining area and also access to the roof garden. The bar area has very high ceilings and a wonderfully sculpted bar.


List# 980819916
Night Club in Los Angeles
SoHo Club

This Night Club has a very large stage, Dance Floor, and Balcony with a dining room and separate VIP rooms


List# 1002332550
Restaurant/Night Club/Disco/Sushi Bar in Los Angeles

This site has very high ceilings. The bar area has an upstairs dining area mezzanine with booths that can be moved out to allow dolly-track for that special camera view, which looks down onto the horseshoe style bar area. Also upstairs is a pool-room with one standard size pool table, with windows that look down on one side to the Sushi Bar and one window that looks down to the dining area. Downstairs has two seperate dining areas plus another seperate disco dance floor, bar, and dining area. There is a wine cellar room for private dining. In a seperate building next to this site is a full Sushi Bar. All very upscale.


List# 1002335549
Disco Night Club - in Los Angeles
6,700 SqFt

Building with parking for 44 cars. There is a very wide stage with movable sections, complete disco lighting for the club and stage areas. Dressing room area. Large Island style bar. Several tables and booths, also a full kitchen. This is non-operating at this time.


List# 1004292086
TV Production Studio in Los Angeles
Production Studio-203
1,600 SqFt

Our client is looking for your business, This Studio is ready for your day rate use NOW! Please call us for a walk thru TODAY! This production stage has all of the bells and whistles. Its ready for your TV production needs or as a SET for your production requirements. There is a Cyclorama and numerius stage set-ups for your television production or use as a SET for your film production. The Control Room is large enough for your shooting production and very well set up for your real television production. Easy access and parking a plenty.


List# 1007230280
Large Night Club in Los Angeles
Grand Avenue Night CLub

This Large Night Cub with the capacity to hold 1,000 guest has multipal rooms for your intertainment. It has its own parking lot and can accommadate your production very well.


List# 1025120235
Restaurant in Los Angeles
The Chilli Factory

This Restaurant is on a main street on the south West side of Los Angeles. There is parking and additional parking around this location that production can use. There is an outside patio area and seating inside. The walk-up counter is separated by a partition and the seating is for approx 40 seats.


List# 1014746651
Dance Studio in Los Angeles Built in 1920
Large Dance Studio

This Dance Studio has large tall windows on either side of the dance floor with tables and carpet as a parameter around the dance floor. There is a stage and a refreshment area at the rear of the dance floor.


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