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Last Updated: September 25, 2011

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List# 1232396804
Hollywood Night Club in Hollywood
The Avalon & Honey Bar

Here is a night club and bar and much, much more. There is a stage and screen, bars and patios and more. Great for your production needs for this look.


List# 1101670124
Commercial Property in In the Zone

This Auditorium is in a large commercial facility that is in the zone. It has plenty of parking and other looks here at this location. The theatre or audiorium has the ability to show films as well as slide presentations. It has two entries on either side of the theatre.


List# 1265849963
400+ Seat Theatre in In the Zone
BP Theatre Arts Center

Here is a great looking Theatre. It has large low stage about 4 foot above seating floor. Has Large back stage area with make-up rooms Dressing rooms staging areas. Fully operationsl lighting board and a tech as the operator. Lots of parking for the largest production truck & crew parking. We feel this is also great looks for car commercials and the double door and frames can be R&R for getting the cars in at an additional cost of course by professionals, but this can be done.


List# 1101670837
Church in Los Angeles Built in 1932
McCarty Memorial Church

Church in Los Angeles Built in 1932 The basement is an assembly room (10.5-ft. ceilings) that holds several hundred people, a large stage, a large full kitchen, and a large dressing room with makeup mirrors.


List# 1101673097
Church in Los Angeles Built in 1930
Ward AME Church

Ward AME Church in Los Angeles Built in 1930. This Wonderful church has two rooms that are rotunda's, they are next to each other, both have their own balconies. The staircases that lead to the balcony have a great look to it. The ceilings of this church are breathtaking with the clouds and stars and a rising sun at the right upper corner of the main rotunda. There is an activities room with a stage and basketball court. The ceiling is 20 plus ft high. Just past the main entry is a wonderful patio area and for the film crews you'll love this PARKING, yes plenty of parking all off street, there are 3 separate parking lots across the street on two streets.


List# 1236095614
Large Stage-Theatre-Convention Hall-Grand Lobby in Los Angeles
Shrine Auditorium

Here is the large looks for a theatre, stage, convention hall and great looking old time theatre lobby looks on several floors. Plenty of parking, also an attice to die for!


List# 1305680783
Like a in home Theatre in Los Angeles Downtown
Private Screening Room

This Private theatre/screening room is just one area of this location, There is a private Gym here as well as an outdoor roof pool, helipad, penthouse, great looking lobby and parking structure with a spiraling driveway


List# 1101672384
Church in Pasadena Built in 1920`s
Throop Memorial Church

This very large Church in Pasadena has a large parking lot that will hold most large crews. There is a very large Activity Room with a major Kitchen. There is a stage in this room that has been used as a School Auditorium.


List# 1317013205
Acting Studio in Santa Monica Built in 2002
Architectural SG 174
7500 SqFt

This studio has 2 state of the arts theater stages in an art gallery complex. Great for filming!


List# 1101673512
Masonic Hall in South Bay
Auditorium and Stage

This Masonic Temple has a large Activity Room with a Stage and Kitchen. There is plenty of parking at the lot and also on the wide street in front of the Temple. MORE PICTURES TO FOLLOW.


List# 1220112404
Rotunda Office Space in South Bay
8,000 In The Round
8,000 SqFt

Just vacated 8-2008, here is a great looking upscale office space with several smaller offices and tall glass windows to the exterior. A lobby looks that can be a "BANK" or many other types of reception types. It has a very large open office area with tall glass windows that look onto the water effects of the property. Plenty of parking for the largest crews and great exterior looks as well. With the tall ceilings here, it makes lighting a breeze.


List# 1126462076
Large Theatre 1800 seats and more in Wilshire District
Los Angeles Scottish Right Temple

This location and its facilities are now a non-union venue. Well Well Finally here it is! We are very proud to bring this property on line to our prouduction clinets. Its just what you all wanted for us to provide to the production world. We understand your production needs at this location and we have created a master calander to provide up to the minute booking files. As always first come first book with expcetions. As we all know there are many other events at this location so schedueling is our main concern to provide you the location when you need it. We at FFL are ready for your calls. This 4 Story building has a very large open Lobby area with a mezzinine above the lobby. There are many looks here including a large industrial type Kitchen. Plenty of parking and great for basecamp use. There is a small 130 seat theatre also. up on the fourth floor is a large Banquet style rooms with beatiful chandelers. The room also has a very nice stage and a very large kitchen to handle the largest events that can use this space. There will be upcoming updates for this location and they will appear on our website as they happen.





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