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These locations have office suites with lots of cubicals. Small areas and large areas with cubicals.

Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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List# 1125700053
Multi Level Building in Hollywood Built in 1923
Sute 490
860 SqFt

HIGH CEILINS IN THE CUBICAL ARE 20'. This office suite in the heart of Hollywood has great views of the Hollywood sign and more. There is an outer reception area with two office in the front and the bull pen in the back with two additional offices. Ready for your production NOW!


List# 1227051033
Offices and Warehouse in Los Angeles Built in 1920`s
1481 SF-112
10500 SqFt

Great shooting situation! Vacant 1920's brick and concrete building in downtown L.A. Built-out production offices and open warehouse spaces for building stages. Upstairs includes 2500 sq ft of New York style loft offices with hardwood floors, natural light and skylights. Downstairs offers 8000 sq ft of clean warehouse with polished concrete floors, exposed brick, roll up door and loading dock to easily access equipment and trucks. Gated parking lot with plenty of parking. Adjacent 6300 sq ft warehouse is also available .


List# 1246901931
Emergency & Disaster Control Facility in Los Angeles
Large Control Room Facility

Here is an actual disaster control center, its operational and active, BUT WE CAN FILM HERE! On weekends and weekdays, subject to restrictions by operator. If a real disaster happens then yes we have to get out and get out fast! But location provides you great active set for your shoot when you need to control room look and feel for your shoot. This is plenty of parking here at the location. Call to book this now!


List# 1295416329
11th Floor of a hight rise building in Los Angeles in Los Angeles
Highrise 8 8th Floor

Here is an office space once was for an attorney. Has some built in cubicles and offices with a very nice conference room with great views of downtown LA. The break room is very large and has neat looking floor panels.


List# 1304458981
Offices/Conference Room in Los Angeles
Office Set SF 150
6000 SqFt

This Set has office desks, Conference Room, Manager's desk, Reception, Make up room...check it out here


List# 1164942355
Warehouse & Offices & Cubicles in South Bay
Warehouse 2551

UPDATE ON THIS LOCATION. THEY ARE MOVING TO ANOTHER WAREHOUSE NEXT DOOR. SO YOU WILL BE ABLE TO SHOOT HERE ANYTIME IN THE OFFICES OR IN THE WAREHOUSE AS WELL. ALSO YOU CAN USE THIS FOR SHORT TERM INSERT STAGE AS WELL AS LONG TERM FOR A YEAR OR MORE. A GREAT HOME FOR A FULL PRODUCTION COMPANY. LOTS TO WORK WITH HERE. THE WAREHOUSE AND OFFICE AREAS WILL BE CLEARD OUT BY MID JULY 2010 AND READY FOR YOU PRODUCTIONS. This warehouse has ceilings that are 33ft high and very nice offices with cubicle areas. There are 6 truck high docks, one drive-in dock and more truck high docks on the north side of the building. This is an operating company here so schedueling is a must. There is plenty of parking for trucks and equipment here.


List# 1203042992
Multi Story Building in South Bay
Ste 290 South Bay Office
2,300 SqFt

This office has cublcles and offices off from them. There is a Reception Aera at the Entry Door. Offices look North at the complex.


List# 1221256131
Ground Fl Offices and reception Area in South Bay
Ste 125 Skypark

Here is an office on the ground floor and there are cubicles here. This is not a hudge office but plenty of room to shoot in. You can see the lobby area of this location under Commercial Buildings South Bay.


List# 1258069698
4 Story Building in Office Park in South Bay
Skypark 130
4,800 SqFt

This office space has just become availible and is part of a larger complex. There are cubicles in this suite whils its not leased. It has a very large open Glass atrium and the Palm Trees in there are not live, they are bolted down and can be R&R for your shot.


List# 1258134386
Two Story Office Complex in South Bay
PV Office W-Cubicles

Meeting rooms, or small classrooms. Use as Location production office, holding, or equipment holding. Location has large parking lot back side of building, plus street parking for equipment trucks if needed.


List# 1263583883
Office in South Bay 33 in South Bay Built in 1949
Trendy Modern, Cubicle office 33
6500 SqFt

Here is a great looking office setting, very high end trendy looking. It has a bull pen area and great looking confrence room. There is also great looking offices and very clean modern front reception area. remodled in 2001


List# 1258824705
Second Floor Office Cubicles in the Valley in Valley
Second Floor Office Valley-7821

Cubicles on a second floor office suite in the Valley. This is occupied but we can shoot here during the week. There is a "Cone of Silence Room" Great looking Conference Room, a Gym, Large Break Room, and a very nice open reception area at this location. Parking for Production is great here, plus if you need a park scene to tie into an office scene, that is here as well. Check out the photos you will find great looks here.





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