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Last Updated: July 14, 2016

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List# 1376664555
Base Camp Location in Downtown LA South
South LA Lot 21

E of 110 South of 10

List# 1468541433
Parking Lot in Downtown Los Angeles
Base Camp, Crew Parking, Filming

N of 10 West of 110

List# 1232396757
Hollywood Night Club in Hollywood
The Avalon & Honey Bar

Here is a night club and bar and much, much more. There is a stage and screen, bars and patios and more. Great for your production needs for this look.


List# 1347037418
Brick Warehouse complex in Los Angeles Down Town
LAN Downtown Warehouses

This warehouse complex has several buildings on the lot, plenty of parking. Also at this location are 2 large walk-in Freezers. Freezer 1, is 31'X 25'-Door 5' wide X 8' tall. Freezer 2, 13'X 24' & 7' tall. There are several buildings on this lot of different looks. Great as an insert stage, Green Screen up and roll up doors in all the buildings some with multiple roll-ups.


List# 1347042524
Modern & Old Brick in Los Angeles Down Town
Lacy Junction Offices

Here is an office complex, made of several buildings on the same property. The Offices shown are of the Property Owner and open to filming in office labeled MM offices, There other office available call us for availabilities. This location has a large parking lot and can also be a basecamp site. When you need production office space, there's room for you also.


List# 1305663082
Spiraling Parking Structure Drive in Los Angeles Downtown
The Spiral Downtown

Here is the typ of Parking Structure Driveways you have called for this look and we can NOW! provide it. Also Plenty of BaseCamp Parking accross the street.


List# 1294853522
Multi level Parking Garage in Mid Wilshire District
Mid Wilshire Parking Garage

Parking Garage at a building on Wilshire that is ready for your shoot. Also there is a Park that is behind this parking garage this is also owned by the building and can be seen under "parks" on this website. Also the offices available at this location are listed as "offices Mid Wilshire"


List# 1468542984
Parking Lot in Near 110 & Staples Center
Parking Lot, Base Camp, Crew Parking

List# 1237182724
Parking Lot in Northridge
9401 Parking Lot & Basecamp Location

This is Parking lot is a great secure basecamp facility. Large enough for the largest crew and is part of a very large Data management office complex that also has server rooms we have found to this date. They are all on the first floor of the commercial building in the valley. There is plenty of parking for the largest crews and can also be a basecamp when shooting in the Northridge & Chatsworth area. Also at this location are large office bull pens, ground floor basement looks, Roof looks that are also on the ground floor. We are listing all separately. Anything we have in Northridge with the numbers of 9401 will all be at this same location. If you need a secure entry look, its here also with a revolving door entry off of the Lobby. The total sets of photos are on the commercial building category for this location. We have broken down the many different looks to help speed your searches.


List# 1229794809
2 level Parking & Roof Level in South Bay
Parking Structure H S B

Here is a parking structuer that is 2 levels one covered the the top level open to the sky. We can have complete control of this structure, note the height max. This is in the South Bay with availible parking.


List# 1229962180
Parking Lot & Parking Sturcture in South Bay
Large Parking Lot Torrance

Here is a very large parking lot with several tiers of parking with a round green area and levels of the parking structure that are both covered and open air areas. There are areas of this lot and structure we can control for your show.


List# 1279759864
Sound Stage, Editing Bays, Production Offices in South Bay
Production Stage South Bay
16,000 SqFt

Here is a great production stage, with full editing bays, produciton offices and much more. Easy parking for the largest crews. It has TV Studio, 10 Avid Control room. A Chroma wall & Cyc, Post production capabilities, a Radio Station and can Transmit LIVE both Radio and Televsion Broadcasts. Secure gated lot, Offices, Confrence Room, High Speed Internet Connection, Suites furnished & unfurnished. Plus Full Studio lighting package, Cameras, Video Transferring services and more!!!


List# 1235251771
Modern Contemporary in South Bay Area
South Bay Church

This Church features a great looking stained glass sanctuary with very High ceiling. Capacity in the church is 575, in the hall 249. There are class rooms here as well as offices and very nice reception area from the entry. Right off the reception area is a book and gift shop also. There is a kitchen not real large but very functional for a film crew that need a kitchen look with easy access from the parking lot. The grounds around the church are also very nice and lack the sight of palm trees around the area. Also there is plenty of parking for the largest crews. When shooting in the South Bay area this can also be your base camp area. This a central location for the South Bay, Palos Verdes, Redondo, Torrance areas.


List# 1098410980
6 Story Parking Structure in South Bay West
Parking Structure-003

This parking structure has 6 levels and a roof parking area. This is very close to the Manhattan Beach Studios! The roof area has views of a freeway and is between the flight path of LAX. There are two separate entry areas. It does have an elevator to get to the ground floor.


List# 1170985958
Parking Structure in Valencia Built in 2004
Center Drive West "SF-084"

Very spacious and brand new parking strucure. No traffic at all! The structure leads to a big parking lot. Very easy to get to!





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