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As we attain more of this type location we will provide additional pictures of them.

Last Updated: March 3, 2009

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List# 1207963880
Manufacturing Plant in South Bay
WD Sourse

Finally we have found a Conveyors system for shooting again. This location closes every day at 1430 so you can book after 1500 any day and all day on weekends. As you will see from the photos there are several loading docks here, some office looks as well. There is an upstairs office area as well as an upper observation area that looks down onto the operations below. There is also a large area for a industrial break and lunch section in the warehouse and lots of tall warehouseing stock on shelves. Also this is in a large business complex in the South Bay and this will be a easy load in and shooting space. Lots of shooting options here and great people to work with. We have already gotten a booking here so you know its a location that will work for you also.


List# 1236108705
Bakery in South Bay
Bakery 001

Here is a bakery with conveyors. This not a large operation of conveyors, more like the scene with Lucille Balls and the chocolate conveyor line if you will remember that scene. This is an operating company and we can shoot by scheduling a time when is appropriate for the company to do so. Timing is always of the essence. The smell in this room is so incredible; you won’t believe your nose.





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