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Doctors Offices, Dentist Offices and exam, x-ray, etc Rooms Properties

These are Doctors offices, Dentist Offices, exam rooms, x-ray room and the like. Some are active some are not. All in the zone.

Last Updated: August 17, 2010

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List# 1094147643
Hospital in Los Angeles
Stocker Hospital

This Hospital is a one-story building with parking on site plus additional parking arrangements across the street. Between the both lots, you can park 1,000 feet of trucks. The hospital has an ICU ward, two operating rooms, several patient rooms and a waiting room. A portion of this hospital is operating but in a separate wing. There is a nurse’s station at the main hall and another nurse's station in the ICU ward. There have been many shoots at this location. Please do not disturb the hospital staff. For a walk-through please call our office and arrangements will be made for your convenience.


List# 1094147673
Doctors Office in Los Angeles Downtown
Doctors Office 002

Here is another Hospital clinic location in Los angeles Downtown area. It has an X-Ray Room and patient rooms, Nurse station, hallways etc.


List# 1094147540
Multi Story Building in Los Angeles Downtown
Brunswick Square

Here is a building in downtown Los Angeles with a great looking Art Decco Lobby area. There are offices here and also Doctors offices also. Great shots from the roof with easy access.


List# 1095382644
One Story Stand Alone Bldg. in South Bay
Dr. Offices Looks

This Dr. Offices looks is realy a Prosthetics Office. They have rooms that can be dressed easly as patient rooms. It has a nice waiting room in front with a good hallway to the patient rooms. Sorry for some color looks in the patient rooms, my picture gave it to much yellow, the walls are realy white. In the back area is the shop where all their products are created. The shop can be dressed as a lab area. There is an additional office on the left of the building which is just storage area for the owner, but it can be dressed to look like anything you want. It has a good size parking lot with additional parking next door and is availible for base camping crew parking etc.


List# 1282067267
Single Story Dental Office in South Bay
South Bay Dental office # 2

Here is a Dental Office in the South Bay that is closed on Wednesday. This has many great looks, including a room with multiple patient chairs, A lab, Great looking Conference Room, Entry Reception area and great looking Modern Building. Plenty of parking.


List# 1257529863
Dentist Office in South Bay
South Bay Dental Office

Here is a Dental office that can be used on Friday's & weekends. Has a great looking round Bubble window in one of the patient rooms, very nice waiting room and great people to work with. There is a exterior lobby with a skylight. This is on the second floor of this two story building in the South Bay. There is additional parking for film crews in a vacant building next door and this is also a location that has medical looks to it also and is listed in this catagory as well.


List# 1257791185
Dental Office in South Bay
Dental Office Ocean Views

Here is a Dental Office that we can shoot on weekends. The patient areas all have great ocean views. I has a very nice reception area also with views to the North East. There is a fish tank as well in the reception area.





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