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Warehouses of many types, sizes, shapes and heights, some have offices, parkikng, loading docks. From vey old looks to funky and bright n shinny

Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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List# 1093925212
Warehouse in Chatsworth
Boat Warehouse Valley
4400 SqFt

This Boat repair and fabrication warehouse will take your production. The Ceilings are 22-foot ceilings here. plenty of parking for your crew.


List# 1093925239
Wood Working Shop in Gardena

This commercial woodshop has very high cielings and is film friendly for productions use. There is a showroom of what is built at this location and in the back is the shop and a very large rollup door.


List# 1093925850
Warehouse in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
CG Warehouse

This old warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles is ready for use as a base camp and/or crew parking when not being used for warehouse productions. The parking lot will hold 250 cars. The 3 stories and a basement provide all kinds of looks for your production. There are large office spaces on the third floor. The first floors and 2nd floors are warehouse looks. The basement (Spooky) has many rooms, hallways and equipment from its previous uses. There are roof shots to downtown L.A. and East towards the L. A. River, you can see the 3rd and the 4th street bridge from some offices on the East Side of the bldg. There is now alot of set dressing for all kinds of furniture. There is a JAIL CELL SET, an ATTORNEY'S OFFICE SET, and Several BEDROOM SETS, KITCHEN SET and Much More.


List# 1093925968
Warehouse in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
Warehouse 522

This warehouse in downtown LA has an upstairs area with the OLD BRICK LOOKS, arched windows and a roof access. The ceiling is 10 feet from the lower beam and 18 feet from the hip roof. There are offices that are also available to shoot and a lower portion of the warehouse where you can also shoot


List# 1117739683
Warehouse in Los Angeles
1810 Warehouse
8,000 SqFt

This warehouse in downtown Los Angeles. It is also a gallery for artist to show their works. Also it is used for private parties and events. There is 2 access entries, one in the back with an alley off a side street and also at the front of the building and has a ramp onto the floor. Also at this location is a small recording studio that is availiable for recording sessions rates upon request. So this location is great for the gallery looks, recording studio looks and party scene looks and is ready for your production NOW!


List# 1160672916
3 Story Old Brick in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
LA 3 Story Brick dj
6,000 SqFt

Here is a great looking old warehouse in downtown LA. Pictures are of a third floor in the building. It has a large freight elevator for access, its 8' x 8' x 15' deep. Great load-in for this location. Great content in the building, plus roof access as shown in the photos.


List# 1160712728
Single Story Warehouse and Offices in Los Angeles Built in 1961
Warehouse 1920
25,000 SqFt

Here is a warehouse with 20' high cielings, large open areas, lots of parking, Mezzanine and more. Renovations are in process at this time. Rooms for hair, make-up, wardrobe, talent rooms and holding areas are being created now. A light gride is in the works also. Meanwhile parking for production is very good here and a large covered area for meals/stagin etc. pwer for tie-ends no problem.


List# 1177023979
Warehouse in Los Angeles
516 "SF-097"
110,000 SqFt

This warehouse is huge. Very big parking lot. A lot of different rooms and great filming.


List# 1314891625
Warehouse in Los Angeles Built in 1960
6000 SqFt

Warehouse with different sets inside. Black exterior! Very close to freeway, convenient access and parking. Check it out here...


List# 1224528349
Offices and Warehouse in Los Angeles Built in 1920`s
1481 SF-112
10500 SqFt

1920's brick and concrete building, downtown L.A. Built-out production offices and open warehouse spaces for building stages. Upstairs includes 2500 sq ft of New York style loft offices with hardwood floors, natural light and skylights. Downstairs offers 8000 sq ft of clean warehouse with polished concrete floors, exposed brick, roll up door and loading dock to easily access equipment and trucks. Gated parking lot with plenty of parking. Adjacent 6300 sq ft warehouse is also available .


List# 1225843914
1920 in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
401 Studio
3000 SqFt

2 story warehouse and productions studio upstairs

List# 1234486734
Single Story Warehouse w-office in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
Warehouse 1235
6,200 SqFt

Here is a very nice clean warehouse space. It has an office in front by the street level load in. It has 200 amps of power. 14ft ceilings here. There is another room at the back of the building.


List# 1234487998
Single Story Warehouse w-Basement in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
Warehouse 1281
10,000 + SqFt

This warehouse has two load in doors nice and big. There are truck high docks for your ease of load in. The ceilings are 24' on the main floor and 8' in the basement. There is also a loft with windows looking down to the main floor and an open loft space as well. It does have a frieght elevator and has 400 amps power. There is another location accross the street used for all your major trucks and crew parking.


List# 1346434905
Ofice Cubicles/Warehouse in Los Angeles
DT LA Cubicles
6,000 SqFt

Here is a great location in down town LA, has open ceiling exposed beams and more. This location has 3 warehouses, 2 offices, and open cubicles. Warehouse 1 has the cubicle area and offices enclosed with glass topped partitions, Modern reception area and entry. Warehouse 2 has reception area and office areas plus warehouse area. Warehouse 3 is all open area; all will be moved to provide this warehouse for you. All 3 warehouses are next-door and just across the street with parking lot.


List# 1298505986
BOHEMIAN! in Los Angeles Built in 1930
2000 SqFt

Large, spacious industrial warehouse loft. High ceilings with large vintage skylights (12 feet), European enclosed couryard in the middle of the building. Includes spiral staircase and mini loft. European/Mexican large kitchen. Gorgeous Location! VERY UNIQUE!


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