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These listings are areas in locations we already represent but we wanted to bring these computer rooms to the forfront as a category itself. This will greatly help your searches

Last Updated: November 23, 2009

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List# 1091741730
Computer Room in Los Angeles
Computer Room L A downtown

This computer room is in a large multi-story building right in the heart of downtown Los Angeles. There is plenty of parking for the largest crews and a parking structure for crew cars, separate vender paid direct. There is some computer equiptment here non-operational.


List# 1097007222
9 Story Building W-Stockexchange in Los Angeles
Mid Town Office Building

NOTE:NEW DAILY SHOOT RATES FOR THIS LOCATION! AND SOON THERE WILL BE FURNITURE PUT INTO SECLECTED AREAS OF THE OFFICES AT THIS LOCATION. FURNITURE IS RENTABLE FOR YOUR PRODUCTION AT RATES THAT WILL SAVE YOU $$$ ON RENTALS HERE. This building is in the downtown area. There is plenty of parking on site for the largest crew and crew parking. There are roof shots availiable and a unfinished penthouse, a very large space, it has windows that look East providing great views of downtown and the 110 freeway, also the tunnel at 3rd street. There is a walking bridge between this building and another on the South side of this building. This building has a full stock exchange floor with many looks from 2 balconies. There is a floor that is for computers, yes the white rooms as it where. There are glass offices and bull pens and more here. Office spaces of varied styles and looks.


List# 1106380336
Multi Story Building-001 in Los Angeles
Server Room -1-2-3

There are 3 server rooms at this location. There are many looks for offices, cubilcals, a very large 20,000 sqft room with 30' plus ceilings here at this location. Each server room is different in its looks, size etc. Server Room 1 and 2 are connected, server room 3 in on a different floor of this building.


List# 1097006972
Office Complex in South Bay
Madrona Garden Complex

This computer room is in the basement of a large building complex in the South Bay. It has 4 connecting computer rooms and a very long industrila looking hallway 105' Long, that has been created to be a hallway to infinity. In this basement area is also several rooms that are the working as the building's operations, large AC room, emergency generators, fire sprinkler equiptment room, room with all the electrical distribution cabenets and more. Very Large Parking Lot for both Production trucks and Crew cars. Also behind the loading Dock is a Raw Space when you need that kind of look as well.





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