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The Television studio in the downtown LA area is perfect for your next project. There is a studio with all the amenities, control booth, editing bays and more, all ready for your production. Rates an

Last Updated: July 6, 2011

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List# 1303963096
NY Style in Culver City
Loft SF 149
3700 SqFt

Contemporary NY style loft. Kitchen, wardrobe, lights, equipment, everything you need, parking lot...close to Hollywood. Check it out here...


List# 1273181472
Photo Studio in Hollywood
1444 Photo Studio

Here is a photo studio with a Cyc. It has an upstairs loft area, dressing rooms and production work area.


List# 1071435962
Production Studio in Los Angeles
TV studio rentals

This studio is ready for your production needs. There are editing bays and control room. Here is the equiptment available at this location for your rental use. Sony PD-150, Canon YH18, Sony AC-DN2B, Sony BP-L90A, Toshba MD20FL3, Bogan 2066 Manfrotto, Mackie 1202-VLE, Bogan 3198 Dolly, Lighting stands, Groure Pak Pro Gear, and Leprecon LP-1600 Dimmer


List# 1206064203
Warehouse in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
CG Warehouse

This old warehouse in Downtown Los Angeles is ready for use as a base camp and/or crew parking when not being used for warehouse productions. The parking lot will hold 250 cars. The 3 stories and a basement provide all kinds of looks for your production. There are large office spaces on the third floor. The first floors and 2nd floors are warehouse looks. The basement (Spooky) has many rooms, hallways and equipment from its previous uses. There are roof shots to downtown L.A. and East towards the L. A. River, you can see the 3rd and the 4th street bridge from some offices on the East Side of the bldg. There is now alot of set dressing for all kinds of furniture. There is a JAIL CELL SET, an ATTORNEY'S OFFICE SET, and Several BEDROOM SETS, KITCHEN SET and Much More.


List# 1297306473
Warehouse Stage & Sets in Los Angeles
A Los Angeles Set Stage

Here is a Stage with many different sets, Hospital, Police, Locker Room and much more.


List# 1303960052
Green Screen in Los Angeles
Studio SF 148
3200 SqFt

3,200 SQ/FT Studio space 1,300 SQ/FT cyclorama (40x20x17) Overhead lighting grid 400 available amps isolated distro box hair /make up area dressing room (w/steamer and iron) wireless internet, bay door for loading 16x12....check it out here...


List# 1309928756
Industrial Artist Loft in North Hollywood Built in 1960
SF 165
5800 SqFt

Unusual side by side, sound dressed loft spaces, ground floor, each with a 10x10 load door. Full AC, WIFI, Private gated parking.


List# 1310009532
Industrial Artist Loft in North Hollywood Built in 1960
SF 164
4000+7000 SqFt

Part of Multiple Building Set up including a 7000 sqft stage and another loft! Great Warehouses next door. Gigantic lot! Perfect for filming, a must see!


List# 1279759684
Sound Stage, Editing Bays, Production Offices in South Bay
Production Stage South Bay
16,000 SqFt

Here is a great production stage, with full editing bays, produciton offices and much more. Easy parking for the largest crews. It has TV Studio, 10 Avid Control room. A Chroma wall & Cyc, Post production capabilities, a Radio Station and can Transmit LIVE both Radio and Televsion Broadcasts. Secure gated lot, Offices, Confrence Room, High Speed Internet Connection, Suites furnished & unfurnished. Plus Full Studio lighting package, Cameras, Video Transferring services and more!!!


List# 1072121725
Stages in West LA
West Side Stage Rentals

Here you will find a stage for your next production. These stages are all set and ready for your next production. Everthing is supplied direct to you by the operator of the stage. There are 9 stages for rental. Here you will see the floor plan of each of the stages. For more information and bookings please call 310-245-9118 Stage 1 This 13,100 square feet soundstage contains a hard wall cyclorama and offers 22 feet to the grid. The stage also has 4 offices/dressing rooms on stage, 3,000 square feet of adjacent office space, 2 loading docks, 1 drive-in loading dock, 1 truck-high loading dock, and a connecting door to Stage 2. Stage 2 With 13,000 square feet of stage space and 22 feet to the grid, this popular stage has attached offices, restrooms, and a full kitchen. This stage also contains 1,500 square feet of storage area that is perfect for sets, props, and wardrobe, with separate loading into the area, a washer and dryer, and including a motorized door set-up for dry cleaning service pick-up. Stages 1 & 2 an excellent choice for your next Feature Film or TV Series. Stage 3 This 10,200 square feet stage provides the convenience of on-stage restrooms, a complete kitchen, 23 feet to the grid, and 3,000 square feet of adjacent production office space and dressing rooms. There is also a 1,500 square foot wardrobe area with washers and dryers. Stages 4 & 5 compliments stage 3, which are connected and many times rented all together for multi-stage shoots. Stage 4 Stage 4 offers 11,200 square feet of space and 23 feet to the grid, easy access to 3 adjacent stages (connecting to Stages 3, 5 & 7), and a convenient drive-in loading ramp. These stages are tailor made for episodic television and feature films Stage5 At 4,300 square feet and 23 feet to the grid, this stage is perfect for mill space, insert stage, or storage with its own restroom and 220-amp separate service power for power tools and saws. This stage also connects to Stage 4. Stage 6 This 11,600 square feet stage is perfect for inserts, mill space or studio space with 12.5 feet to the grid and has also been used for catering or construction. The stage has itís own restrooms, offices, extra power for the mill, and a connecting door to Stage 7. Stage 7 At 15,400 square feet and 23 feet to the lighting grid, Stage 7 contains office suites, a loading dock, and a connecting door to Stages 6 & 4. This stage tailors to any episodic, feature, commercial, or music video. Stage 8 Stage 8 is our largest stage at 19,000 square feet and contains a hard wall cyclorama, two loading docks, production office space, a full kitchen, and 24 feet to the lighting grid. This stage connects to adjacent Stage 9 making it a convenient option for those productions requiring additional space. Stage 9 This 8,600 square feet stage is known for itís excellent support offices ranging from dressing rooms, production office space, and even lock-ups. With 24 feet to the grid and a connecting door to Stage 8, there is also an area equipped with a washer, dryer, and a sink. This stage has been used for a variety of functions including sets, construction, or set dressing and wardrobe. Executive Office The Studios offers executives a comfortable working environment in a wide variety of office suites and bullpens with windows and skylights Editing Suite 1 The Studios have several rooms that have been designed and used for editing suites by many of our clients who bring in their own equipment. Editing Suite 2 Many rooms tailor to editing suites as displayed with this editing bay. Editing Suite 3 Here is another example of how versatile production space functions as editing suites. Set Lighting and Grip Dock The Studios have available a full array of lighting, grip, cable, distribution, and ancillary equipment to service your production needs on stage and on location. Whether you need a home for a long-term project, or just a soundstage for a day or two, we can help. We're a friendly studio facility, flexible enough to take care of all your needs, including lighting, grip, electric, industrial lifts, hard wall cycloramas, fully sound-proofed, truck-height docks or drive-in loading, editing suites, production offices, phones, fax, MODEM lines, Xerox, office equipment, dressing and make-up rooms, wardrobe rooms with laundry facilities, on-site secured parking and anything else needed to make your shoot a productive and successful one.





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