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These Banks are available for filming. Some of the banks are closed and some are operating banks that must be shot only by permission by the bank. This includes scouts shooting pictures for production

Last Updated: October 8, 2015

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List# 1036724989
High-Rise Building in Century City Built in 1970
Bank in Century City

This bank Location is on the bottom floor of a high rise building in Century City. We can shoot after hours and some weekends at this location. There are many office cubicles at this location. There is a very modern looking vault. The windows are from floor up to the 20-plus foot ceiling height. Crew parking is not a problem here and trucks can park underground.


List# 1036733184
Bank in Hollywood Built in 1923
Security Pacific Bank Building
16,600 SqFt

BECAUSE OF A RECENT LEASE OF THE BANK FLOOR AND THEIR REDESIGN OF THE INTERIOR SPACE, THIS LOCATION IS NOT AVAILIBLE AT THIS TIME. THERE ARE STILL FILMING OPPORTUNITIES IN OFFICES BOTH EMPTY AND ACTIVE THAT CAN BE USED BY PRODUCTION. The basement, 13-foot ceilings with three vaults. After reconstruction is complete these vaults may again be availible for productions use. Upper floors good for production office space or for scene shoots. Recording studios, some vacant, Video studio. Versitile shooting opportunities and looks. Great roof views seven-story building. In addition, a private alley with that New York look. YOU NOW CAN HAVE SEVERAL DIFFERENT LOCATION LOOKS ALL AT THE SAME LOCATION RIGHT HERE.


List# 1111190365
Art Deco Office Fully Dressed in Los Angeles Built in 1920s
5,000 SqFt

This Art Deco office Suite is on the ground floor and has a Mezzanine on 3 sides of the office area. This was a bank and is now offices. The lower offices are all glass fronts and the vault area is now the confrence room. The Mezzanine has a very large office with confrence table. This location is a working office. Production can shoot this location dressed as it is. The people at this location will move to another location while filming is going on, so what you see here is all shootable as it is! DEMENTIONS: THE OPEN AREA IS 40' X 70', OFFICES ARE 9X12, 22' TO THE TOP OF SIDEWALLS, UPSTAIRS AREA 2,200 SQFT. A small sizzers lift will fit through the double doors.


List# 1098404492
Closed bank South Bay in South Bay
Bank South bay West

This CLOSED BANK is in the South Bay Area, on the first floor of a 14 Story building. RARE!!! THE SECURITY BOXES ARE STILL IN THE VAULT! Very high ceilings here. It does have the plastic security windows and there are 10 teller windows here and 3 Merchants cubical near the vault.


List# 1199734978
Stand Alone Building in a shopping center in South Bay

Filming After hours only after 6:30 PM on Fridays Monday thru Thursday after 5:pm Weekends available.


List# 1229660621
Closed Bank in High Rise Building in South Bay LA Permits
Closed Bank 9800

Here is a closed bank in a high rise building right off the lobby, it has a double glass door entry, great looking wood paneling throughout. The vault is very large inside and ready to be dressed however you want. There are movable partitions that can be set where ever you need them. Crew parking availible very near and Sound is not an issue here.





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