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Last Updated: November 16, 2009

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List# 1029299907
Private Airport in South Bay
Airport 1402-001

This private airport has the looks of anywhere USA. There is a small passenger terminal, an outside little patio and a very nice airport entry lobby with vintage war aircraft hanging from the ceiling. Corporate-type Jets do land here. Also, twin engine and single engine aircraft and helicopters use this little airport.


List# 1082762555
Passenger Terminal in South Bay
Airport Set

Here is a location that can double as an airport terminal with passenger waiting areas, ticket counter,shops and a quick cafe. Lots of room for the largest crew. This is realy an auto dealership but has the look of a passenger terminal. Things can be moved, arranged, and changed for your production to create the airport looks. Most likely you will want to use a green or blue screen for your airport looks outside the windows.


List# 1243546040
Full Service Airport and Hangars in South Bay Built in 1940`s
South Bay Airport and Hangars

Here is an Airport setting with many buildings, Hangars and more, all available for film productions. Call us for a walk-thru


List# 1258399308
747 Mock up in South Bay
747 Mock up in South Bay

Here is a great looking Mock up of a Pan AM 747 first class cabin with galley, staircase, overhead bins. All is operational. This can be shot during the week. This has been assembled in a garage so cable in is no problem.





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