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Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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List# 1351357228
3 Story Office Building w-Tall Lobby in Beverly Hills
BH 001

Parking Garage mezzanine This 3 Story office Building in Beverly Hills has a great open, tall, large lobby. On the 3rd floor is a mezzanine with views down to the main lobby. There are also 2 vacant office suites at this time also available for bookings. Underground parking and parking attendant station. At the rear of the building is a private park.


List# 976670333
Studio in Chatsworth
For Film Production
5122 SqFt

5,122 Square Ft. Total area for SHORT TERM production rentals. Per Quote, AND LONG TERM RENTAL $1.25 per square foot. Located in Chatsworth on Lassen Street, the production space includes down-stairs 1,976, up-stairs 3,146 office spaces. Electrical and water charges on per term quote basis. In addition, at this location, a large warehouse which can be used for Set & Stage production. Plenty of parking and two separate entrances available for upper and lower spaces, conference room, bathrooms.

List# 991102613
Warehouse in Chatsworth Built in ---
Warehouse for Film Production
22,000 SqFt

Located on Lasson St. 22,000 Sqft., one story building with office spaces, reception area, board rooms, open space with 25 ft. ceilings, full air-conditioning Very large parking lot. Available for both short and long term production projects


List# 1014700222
Warehouse in Chatsworth
Boat Warehouse Valley
4400 SqFt

This Boat repair and fabrication warehouse will take your production. The Ceilings are 22-foot ceilings here. plenty of parking for your crew.


List# 983578440
Church in Gardena Built in 1950`s
Prairie Style Church
samll SqFt

This small neighborhood church on a nice quiet street with plenty of parking in the area and free crew parking very nearby. The fence around the church can be removed for shooting but must be put back. The tall palm tree to the right of the chapel can be removed. Inside this church is a balcony towards the rear of the room. There is a small activities room under the church and access from the side street. Additional pictures will be coming soon.


List# 983587061
Medical School in Gardena Built in 1990`s
Gardena Med-Center
large SqFt

This Medical school has many classrooms and an x-ray room, Laboratory and more. There is an atrium in the middle of the complex with very high glass ceilings. This location is very close to the 110 frwy for easy access.


List# 1069536126
Wood Working Shop in Gardena

This commercial woodshop has very high cielings and is film friendly for productions use. There is a showroom of what is built at this location and in the back is the shop and a very large rollup door.


List# 1062299366
Store Front in Glendale
Store Front 1

This empty Store Front with medium sized parking lot in the back will accomidate a large crew base camp situation and can be used to facilitate a shooting crew for the area. And of course this location is availible for the store front look when you need it.


List# 1064562371
Hotel in Hollywood Built in 1927
Manor Hotel
105,000 SqFt

A replica of the French Normandie Castle. The entire building is 105,000 sq. ft. Restaurants 750 sq. ft. and the garden pavilion is 3,000 sq. ft.. Very well maintained with great elegance. Each hotel room is decorated in a different style to create a diversity of looks. Penthouse terrace and large communal terraces have great view of the hills and city. On-site catering is available. Extensive English strolling gardens with stone paths, a tennis court and outdoor cafe. Some parking available on property and large parking lot available just a block away for crew parking and bases camp needs. Base camping on the premises is availible.


List# 1125701313
Multi Level Building in Hollywood Built in 1923
Sute 490
860 SqFt

HIGH CEILINS IN THE CUBICAL ARE 20'. This office suite in the heart of Hollywood has great views of the Hollywood sign and more. There is an outer reception area with two office in the front and the bull pen in the back with two additional offices. Ready for your production NOW!


List# 1260210106
7 Story Building In Hollywood in Hollywood Built in 1923
Securiy Pacific Bank Building

This location has returned to us for productions! There is the ground floor space of over 8,000 sq.ft. and 23' ceilings of open area. Has Marbel Floor here on the Ground Floor. The Drop ceiling has been removed so the 1923 ceiling looks are now exposed. It has been many looks in past productions and has also been a insert stage. Right in the HART OF HOLLYWOOD. The Basement has 3 Vaults which can be operational. The Rest of the Suites in the building are now mostly vacant. There are offices, recording studios here and one of the only private alleys in all of Hollywood for productions. We are uploading all the vacant offices and studios plus the ground floor. Soon there will be additional photos of the basement. It has been totally gutted out down there so its much different than what you may remember from past productions. The Roof is also shootable and shots of that will also be forthcoming. We are glad to have this back on board, I know you have all missed being able to film here.


List# 1067305450
Hospital in In the Zone Built in 1970`s
Single-Story Hospital/Rehab Clinic
27,000 SqFt

Three building Hospital complex with parking lot around entire building. 154 parking spaces. Rooms look out to therapy pool, basketball court and courtyards. Great reception areas with waiting rooms, emergency room, traditional doctors' offices. Building 1 is 27,000 sq. ft., building 2 is 6,000 sq.ft. and building 3 is 5,000 sq. ft.. 24-hour turn around for permits.


List# 1066867982
Large Office Building in In the Zone Built in 1992
Office Complex-East 102
49,000 SqFt

3-story building with open-air, glass-paned offices, cubicle spaces, board rooms. Doctors offices on the second floor. Beautiful auditorium with platform projection, 160+ seating. Many possible looks! On other floors of this location are tenants spaces that are availible for shoots also. These will be separate production contracts for those tenants used.


List# 982789018
Large Dance Studio in Los Angeles Built in 1920`s
L A Dance Studio

This Dance Studio has large tall windows on either side of the dance floor with tables and carpet as a parameter around the dance floor. There is a stage and a refreshment area at the rear of the dance floor.


List# 983585901
Multi-level, Multi Buildings in Los Angeles Built in 1960`s
South West Museum
. SqFt

THIS FILE Is UNDER CONSTRUCTION AT THIS TIME This Museum has a large parking area for the crew. This location can be used for exteriors mostly. Some interior shooting is possible on a per shot basis. There is a long cave tunnel from another street that travels to the museum. this can be made to look like a Mine Shaft if needed. THIS FILE IS UNDERCONSTRUCTION AT THIS TIME


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