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Last Updated: March 9, 2016

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List# 1050985724
Hangar Bow Truss in Los Angeles
Hangar Gallery
7,000 SqFt

7,000sq.ft. parking lot Voluminous, open warehouse space, close to Hollywood! It has 20+ft. to the truss and nearly 45ft. to the roof of this Bow Truss ceiling. Removable dividing wall perfect for partitioning sets. And the walls are removable to open entire area for production build and shoot space. Owner will move his equipment behind gallery to open up more area for filming. And with over 7,000 sq. ft.of parking, this is a great short term home for production.


List# 1144777094
Airplane Hangar in Santa Monica
Hangar 8 "SF-016"

This Airplane Hangar is redesigned into a Studio. A Helicopter is available with this property.


List# 1069534169
Hangar in South Bay
South Bay Hangar

This Hangar is open to productions and is very film friendly. You have the opportunity to film the hangar and the plane you see, plus we can provide other aircrafts for your production. At this location more than one hangar can be used and also the Buick car you see is availible for production rentals.


List# 1231461139
Air Plane Hanger in South Bay
South Bay Airplane Hangar 3325

This is an operating airplane facility. dimentines are 60' X 60' 30ft high Has many different types of aircraft that is shootable, cost depending on static, moving, powered etc. the Hanger is availible for your shoots.


List# 1231460091
Hangars in South Bay
South Bay Airplane Hangar 3331
3,600 SqFt

Here is a hanger in the South Bay that is vacant at this time Jan 09 and is availible for your production. It's dimentions are 60' X 60' 30 high. Plenty of parking around the hanger and in the area.


List# 1258401558
747 Mock up in South Bay
747 Mock up in South Bay

Mock up of a Pan AM 747 first class cabin with galley, staircase, overhead bins. All is operational. This can be shot during the week. This has been assembled in a garage so cable in is no problem.





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